McLeod County 1890 Veterans Census

1890 Mc Leod Co. Minnesota Veterans census. Film no. 23 of series 123.
My copy is in very poor condition in places on film. Ink has faded.
Watch out for errors on my part (Martin W. Johnson) and census takers errors.
Also chance for errors in conversion to computer files (Carl C. Bloomquist).

Acoma Township
  William Mc Clister ??		Pvt. Co. B. 16th ? N.Y. Art.
  Timothy Malgreen ??		Pvt. Co. Thelders ?? Batt. Ind.?? Vol.
				Pvt. Co. E. U.S. Vet. Vol.
  Charles Yeleet ??		Pvt. Co. B. 8th Ill.? Cav.
  John S. Harris ?		Pvt. Co. D. 12th? Wisc. Inf.
  William Thorn			Pvt. Co. ___? 4__ ? Wisc. Vol.
  Friedrick Schultz		Pvt. Co. H. 22nd. Wisc. Inf.
  John French ??		Co. B. 4th Minn.? Inf.
  Daniel S. or L. Todd		Pvt. Co. A. 1st, Mass.? Heavy Art.
  Patrick O. Fallon		Sgt. Co. B. Minn. Inf.

Hutchinson Township -
  Warren J. ______		1st. Sgt. Co. G. 1O6th N.Y. Vol.
  Lymon ?? _______		Corpl. Co. _____? 3rd._____ _____.
  Felix Reiner ??		Pvt. Co. I. 9th Minn. or Missouri, Inf.
  Elijah Woolrey ??		Pvt. Co. B. 1st. Minn.,?
  Luman ? ______		Pvt. Co. G.? 15th N.Y. Vol.
  Albert E. K______		Sgt. Co. A.
  Elijah H________		(missed above other Elijah entry) faded entry.
  Michael Brantkrantz ??	Sgt.? Co. C. 45th Richmond Inf.
  Andrus Hopper ??		Corpl. Co. B. 9th Minn. Inf.
  George Maddock		Pvt. Co. D. 1st. Minn. Inf.
  Lymon B. Andrews		Pvt. Co. E. 48th Mass. Inf.
  Herman Abel (deceased)	Pvt. Co. A. 48th Wisc.?
	Widow is Pauline..
  Wm. Dean			Pvt. Co. E. 12th Mich. Inf.
  Albert H. De Long		Pvt. Co. _____
  David ? White			Pvt. Co. A. 1st. Minn. Rangers.
  Danl. Glidden			Pvt. Co. I. 1st. Minn. Art.
  John? F. Francis ?		corp.Co. H. 39th Kentucky Inf.
  Fred W. Working		Pvt. Co. A. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Samuel Deming
  Danl. Woolsey ?		Pvt. Co., B. 1st. Minn.
  Silas A. Woolsey ??		Pvt. Co. __  1Oth? Minn. Inf.
  Adam ? S. Woolsey ?		Pvt.
  John ? Hoodecheck ?		Pvt. Co. D.? 22nd Wisc. Inf.
  Wm. L.? Whitelock		Wagon Master. Co. K. 2nd. Mo.?? Inf.
  Marion J. Williams		Pvt. Co. D. 2nd. Minn. Inf.
  Wm. Mc Laughlin		Pvt. Co. E. 44th Wisc. Vol.
  George M. Harris (Hanes?) (deceased) Pvt. Co. D. 20th Wisc. Vol.
  Joseph F. Farrar ??		Pvt. Co. F.? 41 st. ? Ill. Inf.
  William D.? Mitchell 		Carpenters Mate. Mississipi.
  John Turner Higgins		Pvt. Co. K. 2nd. Minn. Inf .
  William A. Robbins ?		Corpl. Co. B. 2nd. Wisc. Inf.?
  Mitchell A. Lollis ??		Pvt. Co. G. 17th Ill. Inf.
  				Pvt. Co. I. 8th Ill. Inf.
  Nelson A.? Perry		Pvt. Co. I. ___ Minn.? INf.
  David A. Adams		Pvt. Co. ___ 1st. Minn. Inf.
  Peter Bork			Pvt. Co. K. 1st. Minn. Inf ..
  Frank E. Pellett
  Gideon W. Burtch		Pvt. Co. E. 3rd. Wisc. Inf.
  Kee Wakefield			Corpl. Co. B. 9th Minn. Inf.
  William B. Harrington (deceased.) Pvt. Home Guard. (=Mc Leod Co.)
    Widow is Sarah S..

Hutchinson Twp. or city -
  John Grover ?			Corpl. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Charles W. Allen		Pvt. Co. I. 16th Mass.? Inf.
  Frank Brabec ?		Pvt. Co. A. 2nd. Minn. Calvary.
  Benjamin Records		Sgt. Co. I. 9th Minn. Inf.
  Robert Parker			Corpl. Co. W. 20th Ohio Inf.
  Mark W. Clay			Capt. Co. K. 3rd. Minn. Inf .
  George Thom			Pvt. Co. G.? 1st. Minn.Inf.
  ______ Cole (deceased)	Pvt. Co. C.? 89th N.Y. Inf.
	Widow is Antha ?
  George W. Hall		Pvt. Co. H. 13th Mich. Inf.
  Allen Nott			Pvt. Co. A. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Augustus W. Spaulding		Pvt. Co. H. 11th Minn. Inf.
  John Stewart			Pvt. Co. H. 11th Louis. Inf.
  Reuben Nightengale		Pvt. Co. E. 38th Wisc. Inf.
  Holmer Higgins		Pvt. Co. A. 10th Minn. H. Art.
  Jeremiah Welch		Pvt. Co. B.? 3rd Minn. Vol.
  John S. Billings		Pvt. Co. C. 14th Ohio Inf.
  Charles Klamer		Corpl. Co. E. 5th Minn. Inf.
  William Schults		Pvt. Co. I. 1st. Minn. Cav.
  Caroline W. Luten		(must be a widow ?) of a Soldier.
  Charles W.? S_afford
  ____________Reuzer ? (deceased) Soldier. Widow is Magdalena.
  Ludwig Meyer			Soldier.

Hale Township
  Ferdinand Em_l ?		Pvt. Co. I. 21st. Minn. Inf.
  George A. Carver		Pvt. Co. I. 19th Wisc. Inf.
  Barney Cafferty		Pvt. Co. G. 77th Penn. Inf.
  Theodore Lamere ?		     Co. K.? Minn. In.
  Peter Gorshwin ??		Pvt. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Michael Emerich ?		Pvt. Co. C. 4th Minn. Inf.
  James Harth			Pvt. Co. B. 12th _____?
  Alexander Seifert		Pvt. Co. ___ 22nd. Ind. Vol.
  Michael Harth			Pvt. Co. G.? 12th Wisc. or Minn. Inf.?

Winsted Township -
  Charles.Nixon			Pvt. Co. G.? 8th Mass.? Calv.
  Ferdinand Rhoda		Pvt. Co. D. 5th Minn. Inf.
  D______ Vollmer ? (deceased)	Pvt. Co. C. 5th Minn. Inf.
     widow is Mary A.
  Els ? Colby			Pvt. Co. J.? ____ Minn. Inf.
  John? W.? Louek ?		____? Co. E. Minn.?Inf.
  FADED ENTRY _______		____ _________________________
  FADED ENTRY _______		Pvt. __ ___  40th? Minn. Inf.
  FADED ENTRY _______		____ Co. O. 4th Kentucky Res.
  Rudolph Borgerson ?		C___ Co. ___ 5th Minn. ? Vol.
  Earnest Miller (deceased)	Corpl. Co. I. 1st. Minn. Vol.
     Widow is Mary.
  August ________ey ?		Pvt. Co. D. 1st. Minn. Vol.
  Herman Artman ?		Pvt. Co. D. 8th Minn. ? Inf.
  John __? Griswald		Pvt. Co. D. 18th Inf. ?
  Martin Zebarth		Pvt. Co. E. 2nd. Minn. Inf.
  John Steinke ?		Pvt. Co. A. 53rd? Ill. Inf.
  Andrew Meek or Week ?		Pvt. Co. K.? 142nd Ill. Inf.

Lynn Township -
  Alexancer H. Moore		Pvt. Co. F. 8th Minn. Inf.
  Colman A. Reese		Pvt. Co. I. 1st. Minn. Inf.
  Ruben R. Pew			Pvt. Co. E. 107th N.Y. Inf.
  Joachim Daak			Pvt. Co. K. 141st. Ill. Inf.
  Joseph Daak			Same person ???? Alias ?
  Chalres Hartman		Pvt. Co. E. 9th Wisc. Inf.
  Carl Hartman			Same person ????? Alias ?
  John Kruger (deceased)	Pvt. Co. K. 2nd. Minn.? Inf.
     widow is now Anna Sorenson.

Rich Valley Township
  Mathew Wiehl ? Jr.		Pvt. Co. C. 2nd. Minn. ? Inf.
  Herander ? Sfaff ??		Pvt. Co. H. 1st. Minn. ____?
  Charles W. Zonke	(these brothers at times spelled their ncmes
    Zarnke, Zronke, Zankey etc..). Pvt. Co. D. _Minn. Calv.
  Samuel W. Hatke ?		Pvt. Co. B. 14th Kentucky ? Calvary.

Bergen township
  Robert Callihan		Pvt. Co. H. 2nd. Minn.
  Wm. E. Piper			Pvt. Co. H. 2nd. Minn.
  John S. Packer (deceased)	Pvt. Co. I. 5th Minn. Calvary.
  Anton Buske			Pvt. Co. E. 2nd. Minn.
  Robert B. Adams		Pvt. Co.___ 2nd. Penn. Vol.
  Carl Reich ( deceased) Widow is Ernestine .
  Andrew Johnson		Pvt. Co. H. 43rd Wisc. Vol.
  Elijah Weaver			Pvt. Co. E. 1st. Minn. Vol.
  Ernest A. Schubert		Pvt. Co. G. 5th Minn. Vol.
  Seldon Johnson		Pvt. Co. B. 173rd. Ohio Vol.
  Lars Bringen			Pvt. Co. B. 3rd. Minn. Vol.
	Widow is Thometta ?
  Ole Nelson			Pvt. Co. B. 4th Minn. Vol.
  John Hammerstein		Pvt. Co. I. 2nd. Missouri ? Vol.
  Johan Ellingson		Pvt. Co. A. 1st. Minn. ? H. Art. died in
	Service. Widow is Gwen ? ?
  Miner K. ? Parks		Pvt. Battery G. 1st. Minn. Art.
  Peter Swenson			Pvt. Co. D. 2nd. Minn. Vol.
  _________  _________		3rd. Minn. Light Artillety
  Lewis Wahlberg		Pvt. Co. H. 1st. Ill. Light Art.
  Jule Aswendson ?		Pvt. Co. L. 1st. Minn. Art.
  John Torbenson		Pvt. Co. C. Minn? ____?
  Osten ? Anderson		Pvt. Co. H. 9th Minn. Vol.
  Joseph Scallinger		Pvt. Co. E. 56th Ill. Vol.
  William Pry			Pvt. Co. C. 1st. Ohio Vol. Hvy. Art.
  John Johnson			     Co. B. 4th Minn.
  Michael Alson ?		Pvt. Co. A. 17th Wisc. widow is G_____ ?

Collins & Stewart villaqes
  Eli Degree			Pvt. Co. A. 6th Vt. Inf.
  Calvin N. Perkins		Pvt. Co. H. 37th Mass. Inf.
  William Senescoll or Lenescoll ?	a Forrier ? Co. F~ Hatches -
	Battalion ? Minn. Vol. Calvary.
  Leonard R. Cook		Sgt. Co. K. 51st. Wisc. Inf.
  James H. Bordwell		Pvt. Co. D. 19th Wisc. Inf.
  Perry E. Barnes, Alias William Horton	Pvt. Co. C. Hatches Bat.
	Minn. Vol. Calvary.
  Robert S. Donaldson		Capt. Co. C. 4th Miss. or Minn. Inf. ?
  James M. Gilhausen		Pvt. Co. D. 11th Minn. Inf.
  Thomas Mc Adam		Pvt. Co. ___ 4th Missouri or Minn. Inf.
  Philip Plaisance ?		Pvt. Co. B. 11th Minn. or Miss. Inf.
  John E. Kuni ?		Corpl. Co. I. 2nd. Minn. Cal.
  Clifford Carpenter		Pvt. Co. G. 1st. Minn. H. Art.
  Andrew Thompson		Pvt. Co. G. 6th Minn. ? Inf .
  John Mullen			Pvt. Co. A. 7th Minn.? Inf.
  Peter Schneider		Pvt. 	    12th Mass. Battery.

Sumter Twp. & Brownton City
  John M. Kisner (deceased)	Pvt. Co. A. 18th Wisc. Inf.
	Widow is Electa ?
  C.L. or S. Plett
  Thomas __? Jackson		Corpl. Co. G. 1st. Minn. Hvy. ARt.
  John F. Reylien ?		Pvt. Co. I. 1st. Minn. Hvy. Art.
  James W. Mathewson		Corpl. Co. E. 5th Wisc. Inf .
  Chales (Charles?) Conrad (deceased) Pvt. Co. B. 9th Wisc. Inf .
	Widow is Carie.
  Alonzo L. Browm		Corpl. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
				Capt. Co. E. 50th U.S. ______?
  William Payne			Pvt. Co. H. 22nd Cont.?Inf.
				Corpl. Co. H. 18th ___Cav.
  Miteland S. Robbins		Pvt. Co. K. 35th N.Y. Inf.
  William D. Chase (deceased)	Pvt. Co. B. 27th Wisc. Inf.
	Widow is Roxana W.
  Bowman Dwinell (deceased)	Pvt. co. B. 27th Wisc. Inf.
	Widow is Matilda
  Thomas C. Arnold		Sgt. Co. B. 27th Wisc. Inf.
  Benjamin F. Doyle		Pvt. Co. G. 1st. Minn. Hvy. Art.
  Elias Wilson			Pvt. Co. B. 27th Wisc. Inf.
  Samuel B. Brown		Pvt. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Augustus C. Baker		Corpl. Co. A. 4th Minn. H. Art.
  James B. NewComb		Sgt. Co. G. 47th Wisc. Inf.
  Jeremiah Nobles		Pvt. Co. L. 1st. Minn. Hvy. Art.
  Henry Lockin			Pvt. Co. A. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Benjamin Jenkins		Pvt. Co. C. 4th Wisc.
  William P. Newcomb		Pvt. Co. D. 104th Ill. Inf.
  John C. Ewald			Pvt. Co. A. 3rd. Regular Inf.
  James W. Williamson		Pvt. Co. K. 8th Penn. Calvary.
  Ashbury Paul ?		Pvt. Co. F. 2nd. Missouri ? Cav. ?
  Joseph Guly ??		Pvt. Co. ___? 4th Minn. Inf.

Glencoe township
  William E. Armstrong		Corpl. Co. I. 118th N.Y. Inf.
  James F. Wither		Corpl. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  William W. Getchel		Pvt. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  John K_rousey ??		Pvt. Co. B. 7th Wisc. Inf.
  Fayethe E. Ford		Sgt. Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Daniel Benjamin		Pvt. Co. B. 8th Wisc. Inf.
  William Baker			Pvt. Co. A. 1st. Minn. Inf.
	Prisoner at Richmond .
  Justin Colburn		Pvt. Co. E. 88th Ill. Inf.
  Julius H. Mathias		Pvt. Co. B. 8th Wisc. Vol.
  Dr. R.S. Miles		Pvt. Co ___? 7th Ohio Vol. Cav.
  Robert R. Niccum ??		Pvt.	    34th ?
  Daniel Trent			1st. Lut. Capt. Co. E. 143rd Ind.
  Eli H. Snow			Pvt. Co. E. 28th Wisc.
  Leonard Pilins		Pvt. Co. G. 1st. Minn.? H. Art.
  Ludwick H. Blazing		Pvt. Co. I. 1Oth Minn.
  Joseph Eheim			Sgt. Co. E. 6th Minn.
  John J. Coenen, crossed out.
  James Wall, crossed out.	Pvt. Co. g. 17th Ind.
  Andrew Misslin ?		Pvt. Co. A. Mlnn. Hvy. Art.
  Thadius S. Benson		Pvt. Co. G. 46th Mass.
  Stephen E. Martin		Corpl. Co. K. 1st. Minn.
  R. H. Mc Clelland		Corpl. Co. A. 34th Ind.
  Jacob Koenin, crossed out	Pvt. Co. G. 6th Minn.
  William Grass.		Pvt. Co. C. 20th N.Y.
  Axel H.? Reed			1st. Lut. Co. K. 2nd. Minn.
  Alexander Grant		Corpl. or Sgt. Co. K. 2nd. Minn.
  Michael Grimin ?		Pvt.
  William L. Churchill		Pvt. Co. B. 4th Minn.
  Benjamin. F. Allen		Pvt. Co. D. 34th Ind.
  Henry A. Child (deceased)	Corpl. 1st. Minn.
	Widow is Martha L.
  Christian Freeman		_____?	 ? German Army.
  Mathias Shoary ??		Capt. Co. A. 2nd. Minn.
  Edmond. Fallon		Pvt.	    12th N .Y.
  Lawrence E. Gillick		Pvt. Battery g. 1st. Minn.
  John J. Southard		Pvt. Co. H. 18th N.Y.
  William Johnson		Corpl. Co. L. 1st. Minn. (Hvy. Art.)
	(This is Martin Johnson's ancestor = Grt. Grt. Grandpa.)
        (I have his civil war picture.) (Johannssen/Jannssen)
  John R. Butler		Corpl. Co. F. 13th Wisc.
  Charles Rogers		Pvt. Co. H. 45th Ill.
	(This is William Johnson's wife's brother). (The name was
	 Rathje / Rathjen in Lake Co., Ill.& Dithmarschen Co. Germany.)
	(The Johnsons Americanized the name from Johannssen / Jannssen)
	(The Rogers family changed the name from Rathje / Rathjen,
	 before moving up to McLeod Co., Minn..
	(The Glencoe Swansons were Svendsens in Baldwin, Wisc.).
	(The Glencoe area Pollmanns & Polmans in Sibley Co. are all
	 related to each other. They came over many years apart).
	(The McLeod Co. Dobrartz are related way back to Wisconsin Dobbratz)
	(All go back to Sternin, Pommerania area, now in N/W. Poland)
  William Pryor (deceased)	Pvt. Co. I. 6th Minn.
	widow is Minera ? L.
  Howard Shadinger		Pvt. Co. F. 2nd. Minn.
  Lanie ?? W. Benson		Pvt. Co. I. 16th Conn.
  Uriah Foster ?		     Co. A. 1st. Minn. Cav.
  James C. Edson		Lut. Coln. 4th Reg. Minn.

Helen Township
  Densis (Dennis?) Cornia ??	Pvt. Co. F. Batt. Minn. Cav.
  Frank Moniea??		Pvt. Co. G. 4th Minn.
  Christain Seppil ? (Sipple?)	Pvt. Co. G. 1st. Minn. H. Art.
  George Lahnening ?		Pvt. Co. G.? 2nd. Minn. Inf.
  Martin Stack (deceased)	Pvt. Co. G. 1st. Minn. H. Art.
	Widow is Frederka C. Litzau. See below entry.
  Joseph Clement (deceased)	Pvt. Co. D. Batt. Minn. Cav.?
	Widow is above Fredercka C. Litzau.
  Henry Stack or Stock ?	Pvt. Co. E. 6th Minn. Inf.
  George Schick			Pvt. Co. A. 4th Cav. Kentucky? Inf.
  Earnest f. Kuelms ??		Pvt. Co. G.? 2nd. Minn. Inf.
  Joseph ? Buska		Pvt. Co. A. 1st. Batt. Minn. Cav.
  Peter Schmidt			Pvt. Co. M. 5th Kentucky L.S.?
  Frank J. Gehlen		U.S. Soldier.

Penn Twp.
  Jacob Koons			Sgt, Co. B. 4th Minn. Inf.
  Abel Osgood			Pvt. Co. L. 1st. Minn. H. Art.
  Willenghty ? Neughart ?	Pvt. Co. B. 7th Vt. Inf.
  Riley C. Desnell ?		Sgt. Co. C. 4th Wisc. Inf.
  Carl Rickert			Pvt. Co. N.? or H.? 1st. Minn. H. Art.
  William Gaulke		Pvt. Co. D. 1st. Minn. H. Art.
  Ferdinand Wentlandt		Corpl. Co. E. 2nd. Minn. Inf .
  August Rieker ?		Pvt. Co. H. 2nd. Minn. Inf.
  Baptist Stewart		Pvt. Co. E. __ Minn. Inf.
  Frederick Borchert (died Dec. 188S) Pvt. Co. H.? 1st. Minn. H.Art.
	 Widow is Bertha.

Round Grove Township
  Henry Horder			Pvt. Co. C. 8th Wisc.
  Edmund Phillips		Pvt. Co. F. 2nd. M. C__?

A lot of the names are probably misspelled by census taker or
are too faded or incorrectly transcribed by me (MWJ). Did my Best.

  Be sure to double check other Federal & state censuses for an
ancestor or variations in spelling of names. 1857, 60, 65, 70, 75,
80, 85, 90 vet, 1900, 10, 15, 20 (will be out in 1992). 1895 etc.
  See veterans in two sections of 1917 history of McLeod Co. Minn.
Also 1888 & 1978 History of McLeod co., Minn.. Also 1898 McLeod
Co. Atlas with patrons directory in back with date of birth in Co.
or Settlement in co.. Also see partons directory in 1874 atlas of
Minnesota by Andreas.
  The Lutheran church records usually give place in Germany they
were born in. These should be microfilmed and maCe accessable at
libraries. The cemeteries should all be transcribed and put in
book form. The Genealogical Society Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
will microfilm church records and court house records & indexes and
family histories, free of charge. They will give you a free microfilm
copy of anything they microfilm.
There were a few errors in the 1978 McLead Co. Minn. history
book's Martin Wm. Johnson's ancestors book. My Dad. is Melvin &
Loretta D. (Swanson) Johnson. Mel Is son of Wm. A. Johnson & Elsie
A. Knick. Charley Johnson presently in Glencoe is my dad's cousin.
Charlie's dad Frank Johnson is still living on farm on edge of town
in Hutchinson, Minn.. My Grama did not tell me about her being
taken in by the Howe family and also that her mother was taken in by
the Eilers/Ehlers family. So That part of Biography is wrong. See
updated charts.

Information submitted by:
	514 W. Menominee St.
	Belvidere, IL 61008-3142

Conversion to computer files by:
	Carl C. Bloomquist
	18037 Naples St. NW
	Elk River, MN 55330-1615

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