History of the Vineyard Methodist Church

Vineyard Methodist Church

The first Methodist Society in Hutchinson was organized in the 
fall of 1857, the year before Minnesota became a state. Dr. A. 
McWright and Rev. John Pugh of Glencoe were in charge. The 
first church, a community Methodist venture, was erected in 
1870 on the present site, given for church purposes by W. H. 
Harrington in 1869. The "Tribe of Asa" (Hutchinson family) was 
very active in the early church program and raised much of the 
money for the first church on a singing trip through New England. 
The church was named after Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting 
where the "Tribe" sang and a thankoffering was taken. The 
church bell was given by Boston Friends in 1874.

In 1892 - 1893 the present auditorium was erected with the 
original church moved back to form an extra room. This was 
done under financial handicaps but under the capable leadership 
of Rev. L. W. Ray. Beautiful memorial windows were installed at 
this time with the large one given by the Epworth League.
During the 1915 - 1918 ministry of Rev. E. A. Cooke, the church 
was raised and the full basement constructed.

During the ministry of Dr. Paul Snyder, the parsonage was 
moved onto a full basement and completely modernized. He 
served Hutchinson from 1932 - 1935.

James Burns served from 1935 - 1940. Extensive work was 
done at Lake Jennie and re-opened Spring Grove as well as in 

Floyd Kufus served from 1940 - 1945. The program continued to 
advance and Thomas Barnard went into the full time ministry.

Russell Carr has served since 1945. John Timperley went into 
the full time ministry in 1946. A Hammond organ, gas heating, 
and modern rest rooms, a redecorated basement and a Youth 
chapel and church office have been completed during this 
ministry. A church library now serves the congregation. During 
these last 7 and one-half years, about 275 new members have 
come into the church family, with a present membership of about 

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